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Dean and Castiel reunite after Amara bankrupt clear of the prison

Year 11 [ ]

Still underneath the outcomes of this new Attack Dog Enchantment, Castiel continues an effective rampage, forcing Sam and you may Dean to visit once him and push Rowena in order to undo brand new spell. In the madness, Castiel defectively bruised Dean, however, Dean refuses treatment just like the he deserved it away from past day, whenever Dean - beneath the Mark away from Cain's determine - nearly killed Castiel.

For a while, Castiel has the brothers with information on circumstances and you may certain creatures since each other Dean and Sam demand the guy remains at the rear of to recuperate.

After Dean's second stumble on with Amara will get disturbed, Dean ara teleported your out. Although not https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/costa-mesa/, the brand new assault into Amara by the angels departs the space toxic to Dean, very Castiel, immediately following checking Dean's standing, offers to wade around instead.

Dean suits Castiel once more in the Heck once Amara teleports the fresh angel here so he can send an email. Dean, Rowena and you will Crowley are located in the center of getting ready a spell to send Lucifer to their Crate, when all of a sudden it hear fighting. Castiel comes after Dean so you can where Lucifer features Sam swept up, together with a couple score teleported to your crate.

Dean, Sam and you can Castiel face-off up against Lucifer, regardless of if they confirm zero fits. When Lucifer threatens to eliminate Dean unless Sam says "yes", Castiel forces the new archangel from Dean and that's promptly outdone up to possess their tips. Ahead of Rowena normally cast the fresh enchantment, Castiel decides to say "yes" so you can Lucifer himself, an undeniable fact Dean does not learn more about up to far afterwards.

Dean was distraught abreast of discovering that his pal could have been removed because of the Lucifer, and despite Sam's insistence you to definitely Castiel might not have to become right back because it is his decision, Dean resolves completely to obtain Castiel right back no matter what.