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I've never seen such dangerous driving anywhere else in the world and the truck drivers were the worst

I don't think a US license prepares one to drive in the UAE and I am SURE a UAE license does not qualify one to drive in the US.

Seriously, God help us if all these people with "experience driving in the UAE" are allowed to drive in the US or Canada.

There seem to be a lot of people with UAE driving licenses who want to drive in the West. ) to drive in the West and needs to take all of the driving classes from scratch!

hello im liveing in uae on truck driver permit now i want truck driver permit in usa,canada,uk can you tell me how can i do it? thank plz mail me on

Having lived in the UAE and seen the absolutely horrendous driving there, I would say that anyone in this situation is not qualified (sorry!

to chris, the international license doesn't have too much to do with safety. It's just a translation of your regular license. Everythign depends on your training.

Most of Europe drives on the right, same as Canada. Exceptions include the UK and Ireland. For more, try here:

Driving on the opposite side of the road is not as difficult as you might imagine. Main thing to remember is you are sitting on the side of the vehicle next to the center of the road.

At first you will be safer because you are paying attention. Later, as you get used to it, you will be in danger of looking in the wrong places as your old vision habits kick in during moments of absentmindedness. (e.g.